Where I'm From

February 27, 2009
I'm from a single oak tree
Protecting a graying home
I'm from every single bee
Living among the flowers
I'm from the birds who sing
Every morning.

I'm from 'shut up and sit down'
From half a family of freakish fools
From Friday dinners
I'm from 'I love you'
And 'how could you do that to me?'

I'm from softball bats
The good ol' mound
From sayings like
'Get the rebound!'
I'm from the field of play.

I'd say I'm from
Here and there
And a little bit of everywhere
I'm from the three foot woman and the seven foot man

I'm like a sprout
Reaching for heaven
That sprout is a hand,
Touching the sky.
My roots have been planted,
But I can still fly.

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