A Run

February 27, 2009
By Ashley Sharp SILVER, Centerville, Iowa
Ashley Sharp SILVER, Centerville, Iowa
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When I step outside it's wet,
it's cloudy,
it's about 40 degrees
and very bleak,
But I can't stay inside;
I won't stay inside
because I haven't run
since last week,
I won't wear sweat pants
or a sweatshirt;
it will only slow me down,
All I want is to keep moving
keep going,
loose myself
in the streets of this town,
I go with the wind
and it pushes me further,
faster along the road,
The rain started up again
and down the street it flowed.
As the raindrops
fall on my back
it feels magnificent,
but the path in front of me
seems so insignificant,
My heart is pounding,
head in the clouds,
struggling to get
away from the crowds,
The whole world
seems to disappear into thin air,
And the way I feel
(triumphant, ecstatic, and blissful),
these feelings are far too rare.

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