Ode to Newspaper

August 8, 2016
By Anonymous

Sunday mornings…  sipping coffee loitering on your porch
Feeling the spring breeze blow away all your troubles
Still in your pajamas, you sense the blaring of the television
and the crisp aroma of your breakfast waiting for you

You remember your grandfather
How he would like to spread the word
The way he would know all the juicy gossip
Before there was even any technology
A flashback plays the two of you
Gathered on the couch
Devouring every single letter
Feeling the crinkling of the pages
So much that the stains on your hands
Are not only ink but unerasable memories

It’s only 50 cents
For the lifework of journalists,
Reporters, and photographers

News is more than just an article
More than a story
It is a work of art
That changed someone’s life



The author's comments:

I was inspired to write this for the school newspaper. I hope that after reading you will no longer take for granted the old fashioned world and simple living. 

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