Thank you

August 7, 2016
By , Eau Claire, WI

Thank you,
Thank you for always being there for me,
Whenever I’m with you I feel free,
Dare I say I feel happy,
Yes usually that’s only temporary,
But thanks anyways,
When I’m feeling lonely you remind me that I’m not alone,
You tell me I’m loved and beautiful the way that I am,
Even if I don’t always believe that’s true,
Even still I love you,
Thank you,
Thank you for existing and caring,
Even when I’m a depressed mess and swearing,
Even when I’m avoiding people,
It’s not that I want to be alone it’s that I don’t deserve you,
I don’t deserve someone as kind or caring or forgiving as you,
But even then you believe I do,
Believe I do deserve someone as great as you,
Thank you.

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