You're Around

August 5, 2016

Time slows, my heart races, my head it fills it's self full of nothingness. I stare ahead, I see her, her eye's, her smile, her hair. I hear her, her laugh, her voice. My body shakes, she comes closer and I feel her warmth. My heart it stops, I can't feel anything. My body acts without my control. I fight for control, but I can not win. I know what is about to happen, I fear for myself, I try and try not to let it happen. We're face to face, my heart does not know weither to beat at the speed of lighting or not at all. I start leaning in, I close my eye's. My mind says no, my heart says yes. Our lips touch, she starts kissing me, I have control, I can end this, but I wont. I love her.

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