In Time

August 4, 2016
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In time, bandaids will lose their magic healing abilities and the nightlight that so often sung you to sleep will no longer melt away the monsters. You will learn that toys are not the only things that break and you will feel as though you are a window, a shattered hole in your chest where too many baseballs struck. People will try to seduce you to the dark side of things but just remember, they don't really have cookies. They will lead you astray and hold your breath underwater. They will turn their backs on you when you need them the most. But you, as strong as strong will be, will hold your head above the waves and out of their grasps.


In time, a snake stitched up purely of loss, sorrow, and hatred will crush you. Your raggedly ripped breaths will seem to further mutilate your capacity to move on and eventually, the darkness will swallow the sun. In time, the snake will loosen it's embrace. It will slither away, leaving it's lingering poison. And after an endless nightmare, the sun will slip into view, your breaths will come evenly, and life will go on, with or without you.


You will have days when not even Shakespeare's riddled words can describe your feelings. You will be more confused than you have ever been and your jigsaw words will puzzle you. You will be the one piece that just doesn't fit, no matter how you try to shape it. But you are you. And you will turn the page, taking you one step closer to the monster at the end of your book.


In the end, when the poison has made it's way to your heart you will understand, and you will accept it. You will have fears, regrets, sorrows,  but time will melt away, your breaths will slow then fail, your life will shimmer in the silence, and the sun will go down. And you, as brave as brave can be, will cripple the monster with your smile.


In time, those who loved you will pass down your story.


In time, they too, will perish into the twilight.

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