The Beauty of Your Life

February 27, 2009
By CleadousMaximumRideSmith SILVER, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
CleadousMaximumRideSmith SILVER, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
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It's easy to be afraid
And harder to be brave
It's simple to be terrified
Easy to wake up in the nights
Awashed in sweat
Pounding on your chest
Listening intently
Into the dark night
Waiting to hear your heartbeat
To make sure
No, to remind yourself
That you still have a heart
If only just a little fragment
Walking through life
Without even glancing at anything
That passes you by
Wrapped up in your own confusing thoughts
You pay no mind
To all that try to grab your attention
Your only comfort in life?
That you at least have yourself
And as you tell yourself this
You push from your mind
That even yourself you don't have
This is how you live your life
In doubt, wonderment
In confusement
Stumbling like a drunkard
On the dark cold streets
Trying not to remember
Past hurts
Waking up in the mornings
Requires an effort
That you didn't know yourself
You had
Life becomes routine
Love becomes a chore
And at the end of each new day
While you lie in bed
You think of the very little good things
In your life
And that's what helps you get up
In the mornings
Sad, is it not
But there is no excuse
And you don't even bother
To create one
The only thing left for you
To look forward to,
Is that one fateful day
That the cold hands of death
Finally start knocking
On your beat down door

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem when i was very upset. so i wrote it out in a poem

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