A Stranger I Call

February 27, 2009
By marikasaysss BRONZE, Oakton, Virginia
marikasaysss BRONZE, Oakton, Virginia
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A teardrop won't make a sound like your whispers in my ear
Secrets sprinkle memories like tears
I haven't felt a single thing for six years
When I said goodbye to the man who meant the most
He drove back in his pick-up truck, a glistened ghost
Pain trickled down the highway when he cruised down the coast
Familiar brown boots on an unfamiliar doormat
Is this welcome 'home,' 'cause he hardly packed?
And I wish I had known how to quickly react
His scent the same but so much older
His heart beat still but so much colder
I would of spoken up if I had been so much bolder
But daddy's little girl had been so hard to please
But now daddy's little girl got down on her knees
Begging for life from the newly deceased
My heart sank to be a day too late
Give it all up to unpredictable fate
Wronged by those too impatient to wait
But his lips moved to tell a different tale
Before he'd see our faces beyond black veils
Before unconditional love was taught not to fail
But he left me a trail of breadcrumbs to follow
And a lump in my throat that's too big to swallow
It suffocates the air from my lungs, now I'm hollow
But it's better than seeing me cry
His last words before he'll die
'There's never going to be a perfect 'goodbye.''
And a teardrop won't make a sound like his whispers in my ear
Those are the only few words that I'll ever really hear.

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