Breaking through Cellophane

February 27, 2009
By marikasaysss BRONZE, Oakton, Virginia
marikasaysss BRONZE, Oakton, Virginia
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She must have been a little too lovely and a little too thin
She met him when she had no skin
She shook his hand and offered her name before he wrapped her in cellophane
It stopped the bleeding and discontinued the pain
She showered words of gratitude for nearly a year
Because that's exactly and all he ever wanted to hear
Every syllable wholly sincere
And if private opinions bounced between lips
She slipped from crooked fingertips
He blamed it on her independent scripts
And he taped her mouth shut with some devious technique
So unspeakably na've, she didn't speak
Brutally broken by means of cruel critique
Putting his hands over her eyes like a mastermind
It made her mind easy, made her love blind
He had to have her before he could leave her behind
Eventually a little confidence made the cellophane peal
Leaking imperfections that weren't entirely ideal
He couldn't love her raw and real
But he purposefully departed with a chunk of her soul
Some deranged method of maintaining control
In some sick way, she'd need him to feel whole

She had built her frame on deceit
And expectations she knew she'd never live to meet
So her heart always pumped offbeat
And it beat, beat, beat until she died for a while
Left with a happiness designed with counterfeit smiles
And he always lingered to confirm her closure wasn't valid
Sometimes by humming delusory ballads
It took her a few repeated mistakes to forget expectations
Learning to forget with no further interpretations
Her heart had to be for her own self and her own good
Not for him or why he said it should
That was when she understood
It still tasted bittersweet, but at least she could stand on her own two feet
Completely worn out, but complete
Because there was no longer merit to the lost part of her core
Tears would spill as he stuttered every wrong deed he was sorry for
His words gave no real meaning but were hard to ignore
So she remembered where she had lain before
Because when she had finally elevated her battered bones from her cold, wood floor
She had come to learn she couldn't love him anymore
Yet she still felt obliged to safeguard his heart
Unlike the way he had slashed hers apart
But one last thing before she'd promptly depart

She wrapped him up in cellophane
It stopped the bleeding and discontinued the pain.

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