Sun's Trio

February 26, 2009
By Nicole Gelinas BRONZE, Lexington, Massachusetts
Nicole Gelinas BRONZE, Lexington, Massachusetts
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I've seen us grow up to fall apart,
After our snowsuit days,
Laying angels in the ground,
The sun making us a trio.
When we would eat wooden spoonfuls
Of crystal snow covered with maple syrup trails
Out of Mom's glinting metal bowl.
And Dad told us about the pullution in the snow,
Convincing Mom to make us stop,
But we never did.

I've seen you, there in the backyard,
At your brightest, the sun refecting off you.
The graduation party in your honor.
"You did it!"
"Now," they said,
"You are a man."
But I saw you cry
For the fear of finality
Out on the porch; everyone else
Tucked sleeping away the sun
No longer a lantern in the black gray night
The party packed up, the fire put out,
The rising sun making us a trio.

I don't see you now, but will soon.
When the Utah sun makes a trio, again,
As it sets behind the mountains
You now call your home.
Then, I will see you.

The author's comments:
This poem is about my brother.

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