Why did it have to be this way

August 2, 2016
By Linda2468 BRONZE, Philadelphia , Pennsylvania
Linda2468 BRONZE, Philadelphia , Pennsylvania
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Those who believe in themeselves can do anything

Why did it have to end this way 

People bullying just to get away 

From there tears 

And from there fears 

They never see how bullying can 

Tear another person apart

They are like the dark sky 

Never knowing how bad 

The other person got it at home 

Trying to find where they fit in the world 

I am just asking this question 

Why did it have to end this way

The author's comments:

My teacher told me to make a poem about my book that I was reading. This book had a lot of bullying in it and people talking about eachouther. I think that was wrong that they did that and people should be friends instead. 

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