August 1, 2016

Violent wind blows into my mind
Reminding me of my sins
Over and over, they repeat
Until my heart is worn too thin

Only I know of my pain
Because I hide it in the room
Across from the door way
Unless I see the moon

The moon is the only light in the dark
When I'm with him, I am strong
I can put on a brave face
Once he leaves though, it's gone.

I would runaway, if I could
But on my own, I can't survive
So here I stay, with the wind
Almost every day, my soul dies

The moon promises to take me away
That is what brings me back to life
The only thing to keep me going
Although it doesn't stop my cry

I still cry for help
Even though I know none will come
Because silent cries cannot be heard
At least, not until my life is done

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