Breaking Glass

February 26, 2009
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We walked down the path more than once
You and I in step. As one.
And you asked me: who are you?
Who are You?

In your black eyes I find peace.
The deep, prolonged stare touches my core.
You reach out, and grab me, pull me, rip me.
don't let go.

Your ears, like a hawk, pick up on my every syllable.
The quiver of my voice, the subtle volume.
The change in its reflection, softer than a Mother's kiss,
Holding a thousand stones dropped in an iron basin' Ringing, ringing, ringing.

Your face changes constantly, but is always the same.
A shape-shifter.
As I see fit.

Who are You?

When I throw the rock, the glass breaks, but you do not.
I do not need to see you, to know you, your beauty.

You are my Soul!
You are my guide, my lantern, my paddle.
You are my blanket of protection, from the mundane, from society.

You are my face.
But my real face, not the one I normally wear,
Covered in the veil'

And when I put you on, I am unstoppable!

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