"A Remorseful Cry"

July 21, 2016

From all the way up here
the earth passes me by,
but I am not a bird,
nor a plane,
but I am in the sky.

ten minutes ago
I was suspended,
saying goodbye,
to my worries,
my troubles,
my lies.

I see my mother receiving a call
saying my body has been found,
at first I am at peace knowing I’ll be in the ground,
thinking that is what’s best.
But now I know they can’t put me to rest
until I am found.

Not my corpse,
my organs,
my fingertips,

But they cant find me,
they don’t have a clue,
I thought the devil would drown in that river too.
That is all that I meant,
because the voices in my head
have started to pay rent.

Wherever I go,
be it this high
or that low,
the echoing screeches in my mind always follow.

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