Reasons why who I am today

July 20, 2016

Reasons why I am who I am today

Reasons why I am who I am today…

I went through seeing a divorce at age 4,
But wait there is more

I spent my life not knowing what it's like to have both parents at my side,
Had to use myself as my guide

Believed that love was free,
But actually paying a price was the key

I sat and wondered on how each of us are even here,
I still see that this still isn't very clear

To have faith in a higher power,
That was something I did not devour

I learned that people are selfish and not pure
That even adults can be quite immature

That not everything always is as bad as it seems
Just like the nightmares that turn into dreams

That Darkness isn't so bad,
Because in daylight you can also be sad

I see that second chances are real,
But only if you make a deal

People's perspectives on life are different than mine,
But what you grow up hearing is what makes you define…
Define wrong from rights,
To know if its worth to go out all night
To define love and hate,
These were the biggest thing I had to fluctuate

A child sees more than you know,
People around them should watch what they show

And because of what my parents showed me,
Is why I am who I turned out to be

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