Lost In Shadow

February 22, 2009
By Anonymous

Shadowed, forgotten,
Nobody even heeds me.
No talents, no wits,
I guess there's nothing to see.

Big brother, big sis,
They both are stars on the stage.
I stand behind them,
An animal in a cage.

Straight A's, gifted,
A grand touchdown in a game,
Popular titles,
No one notices my name.

Awe turns to envy,
As I wish that I could be,
Like my two siblings,
They're more important than me.

I don't have the grades,
Or any talents at all.
I am second-best,
Another brick in the wall.

They make me unseen,
Because they're perfect and cool.
They're adored at home,
And worshipped all over school.

It makes me feel blue,
When nobody knows my name.
I try to be great,
But then hang my head in shame.

I'm lost in shadow,
No reward that I can get.
Instead of a smile,
I only receive neglect.

Negative feedback,
Is the attention I get.
While brother and sis,
Are getting the praise, I'll bet.

I'm jealous and hurt,
I've spilled too many a tear.
I'm not good enough,
For anybody to hear.

I feel unwanted,
I know what is going on.
Just whisk me away,
In shadow, and I'll be gone.

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