February 22, 2009
By Maggie Delaney BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
Maggie Delaney BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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All is black in here,
Like the silky raven's wing.
The red hot anger is gone,
I do not feel anger anymore.
There is no more frustrated noise,
I feel no frustration.
I cannot remember,
Memories have been wiped clean.
My mind, my feelings, my colors,
Have been lost,
Into the starry space.
There are no guiding arrows
To lead me.
One thing,
Just one thing I know,
My colors could still exist,
If I am still something.
But when I am here,
I am nothing.
Where am I?
Where are my colors?
Where is my color of joy?
My color of anger,
My color of fear?
I look inside myself
And only find darkness.
I look around,
There is only darkness.
I look below me,
The only hope I know
Is black.
Or is it?
Then, I look up,
And I see something.
Lots of something.
A way out.
My colors are there,
Beautiful like
Rain kissing the earth
Softly and gently.
I can see the rain,
I feel it,
It is inside me.
I am drifting
Up into my colors.
To be filled with them
Like a cup.
Hope is carrying me
The whole way up.
Memories are flooding
My soul like rivers
Flood the land.
I'm soaring,
I'm running,
I'm alive.
I know that
I am real.
I know that
I am something.
I know that
I have colors.

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