What Defines Me?

July 19, 2016
By Razzle.Dazzle BRONZE, Kelso, Washington
Razzle.Dazzle BRONZE, Kelso, Washington
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Favorite Quote:
"Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith." -Dieter F. Uchtdorf

For looks are only skin-deep,

A brand is just a name,

They distract from what truly matters,

They're only pawns in life's game.


People say it's the thought that counts,

But without action, an idea stays a whim.

Yet action alone can be meaningless,

We shouldn't care how you do in the gym.


Personality is such a general term,

But at its core, it's thought and action combined.

So what about my personality?

You'll see I'm just like the rest of womankind.


But I know that I can change the world,

The potential is there.

For I am a daughter of God,

With his kingdom to prepare.


I am patient and will listen,

When my friends all need advice.

And I really am outgoing,

Clubs and friends are really nice.


Alone time is nice too,

I'll stay home and read a book.

Time to ponder life's great questions,

To give the world a new look.


But the world doesn't need a new look.

No, we do!

A new look of who we truly are,

A completely different view.


Who are we, or who am I,

On the inside?

We're who we want to be,

It's up to us to decide.

The author's comments:

This past year in school I chose to take a leadership class. Our teacher was amazing and really helped to stretch us to our limits when helping others. One of our assignments was to create a poem on who we really were.

I feel that this poem really inspires me to make a difference in my world. When society tells us that we are just like the rest of the world, that is when we are held back from our full potential. But yet we are just like the rest of world, in the sense that anyone can make a difference. So I invite everyone to reach inside and decide who they are, and to take the step to help others to create a better world.

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