What Defines Me?

July 19, 2016

For looks are only skin-deep,

A brand is just a name,

They distract from what truly matters,

They're only pawns in life's game.


People say it's the thought that counts,

But without action, an idea stays a whim.

Yet action alone can be meaningless,

We shouldn't care how you do in the gym.


Personality is such a general term,

But at its core, it's thought and action combined.

So what about my personality?

You'll see I'm just like the rest of womankind.


But I know that I can change the world,

The potential is there.

For I am a daughter of God,

With his kingdom to prepare.


I am patient and will listen,

When my friends all need advice.

And I really am outgoing,

Clubs and friends are really nice.


Alone time is nice too,

I'll stay home and read a book.

Time to ponder life's great questions,

To give the world a new look.


But the world doesn't need a new look.

No, we do!

A new look of who we truly are,

A completely different view.


Who are we, or who am I,

On the inside?

We're who we want to be,

It's up to us to decide.

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