proud to be me

July 19, 2016
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African ladies, the sweetest cream of Africa

The flowers that made Africa to look really glamorous
The greatest gift to the world
How beautiful you are
the true beauty that blossom everyday
but though you are surprising

why are you trying to ruin that beauty?
why are you damaging the soil of God?
why are you destroying that smooth dark colored skin of yours?
why are you killing the creation of God?

God took his time to create you
but no we Africa ladies we say “no it is not good enough”

This might be the way you feel or think
but it will never change the way you are
Do you think is unfair?
yes, it seems unfair when you look different from others
but it is fair

You were created to be the way you are
if you were not like this, you would have been worse than that
if you don’t appreciate yourself, then no one will
if you don’t accept that this is you, then who suppose
am glad and grateful, so proud to be me
I am a true black African lady

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