July 16, 2016
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Dear dreaming child filled with innocence and tenderness
When the night crawls over the earth and the stars slowly flicker out
Clutch your chimera and tighten your grasp
For the moon will shine upon you and eyes laid on you, the wanderess
Her soothing voice filling your empty cup with doubts
Be cautious of this world with both hands clasped
Run with your figments out of her reach to the ends of the earth
Bury each one, remember the place for when the time comes
When she asks reply “I stole your catcher, I have hidden the dreams”
Begging you, her wail will shatter the heavens but oh child, the worth
The skies and the seas will collapse a tidal wave will become
Claws rapidly tearing you at the seams
Bandage your wounds and continue standing tall
Time never pauses but her arms will grow weary
In defeat dragging underneath the moss she’ll crawl
Child, life is a test and you have passed all

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