the glass box

July 14, 2016
By ryanfigert BRONZE, Rockwall, Texas
ryanfigert BRONZE, Rockwall, Texas
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hello, nice to meet you.

you’ve missed a lot, it’s only day 2
in my case this constraint hasn’t been dreadful
you’d never believe what i’ve seen whilst invisible

stuck right in the middle of the hustle of life,
at first i didn’t understand my unrecognized strife
i saw clearly each direction, and sat and watched people
the state of the human race is really quite dismal

i’ve seen men dress in suits, leave their wife and kiss her,
have nowhere to work, flip intensely through the paper
     must be difficult to tell said significant other
that you’re no superhero without blowing your cover

I have seen men love hate then kill coming home from work
it hardly makes the news, no one goes berserk
surely his life was of relevance to someone
But any regret won’t be around long, tomorrow’s his turn on the other side of the gun

if this glass wasn’t one-way
most still wouldn’t see me, they’re afraid to look astray
keep their head down from sun up ‘till they hit the hay
and dream of a time where their bed will define their day

solitude is a double edged sword
i want to passively observe but i want our generation to move forward
to get their heads up and to be transparent
To care for people more than success, for leaders to be declarant

on day 3 i realized something quite grave
my glass box was not the enclave.
instead man went about his way
and saw nothing but his reflection all day

i feverishly worked to free
myself and others so we could see
but the glass resisted change
so sad i didn’t find that strange

The author's comments:

This poem was inspired by the tragic killings of Dallas Police officers, by the loss of Alton Sterling and Philando Castille and the issues that face our generation in stopping such violence and unifying our country.

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