The Raven

February 19, 2009
By Anonymous

She is as free as a bird

Unwillingly free, as though she thought

She was caught during a world disaster

She never thought she'd make it through this war

She sits and waits on her birch

Wondering what to expect next

She then flys into the night skies

Like a wanderer searching for the right path to head onto

Never will she take that path again

She realizes she never seems so empty inside

She soars the clouds of smoke which were open on a midnight sky

She tries to hide the guilt , which she was thrown upon

She never knew what was coming

Until she found hope and saw this magnificant creature of all beauty

The Raven which he was called by others

But I know better

He sits on his mountain top village looking over us

The Raven knew all of knowing

He spoke without words, he used his spirit to answer all questions

He flew with his spirit, and not his tremendous body

His wings soared like letting go of all surroundings among him

He knew he was powerful beyond compare

He was compared to all bird-like creatures as "GOD"

I knew better

He spoke in different tongues

He was considered the magnificant Raven

And I understood why

The author's comments:
It inspired me thinking of the beauty of the world and creatures who live in it

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