Im leaving

July 7, 2016
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Boom, my eyes open quickly I look over at my night stand 2: 02 . I turn to the other side of my bed to see my husband fast asleep.Nows my chance I whisper , I stand up, all these emotions of sadness ,anger , confusion, and indencisivenes take over my body. I grab my duffle bag and slowly walk down the hallway taking it all in for the last time , i take my favorite picture of the wall and shove it in my bag . Take the note from my back pocket and replace it with the picture i had taken off the wall. softly place my hand on the walls as im walking down as tears stroll down my face . But then tell myslef this is for the best . wipe the tears and open the front door, Get in the car , drive and tell myself it will get better.

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