July 7, 2016
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Oh blue bird, why won't you sleep
Your love fell from the treetops, somewhere I could not see
I cannot fathom why you chose to leave
I tried to rid every piece of you every fond memory but
I still come across another note or feather you left behind
Oh blue bird, where have you gone
I miss your songs but I cannot replay them
My heart could not rip them to shreds for they were too lovely
Oh blue bird, what have I done
I tried to cage you away from everyone
I watched you undress and redress and undress again and
The comfort we had has not seen the light of day oh blue bird,
I cannot settle for robins, finches, or cardinals
None of them sound as pretty as you
None of them have ocean eyes or golden hearts
Oh blue bird, as I watched you fly away I begged you to stay for
Just one more day but blue bird,

You had to be somewhere warmer for I was much too cold to you
My blue bird, you had to travel far away and I cannot fly quite as high as you

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