The words

July 1, 2016
By Raye12 BRONZE, FLORISSANT, Missouri
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The words that come out of my mouth

Can see nothing and just go south
Far from the world
I fight to save the truth
Going to find the life
That once escaped from me
I find it hard to cope
Far from the light making it hard to see
Truth comes out
You're dead and nothing can be found

The words that come out of my mouth
Are ones that i can’t change
False leading is in a hang
Nothin goin on with you
You just find it hard to chew
The words that you spit out
But when someone tells you that it's ok
You just freak out and shout

All I know is that I can’t find my way
Back to the one person that could save the day
But that person’s dead and I can’t see through the change
Far as it goes nothin's comin out of that land
Trusting someone is coming out of hand
Lost , And falling I try to look up
Nothing is noticed
Not with all the fear that tears
Tears me open every Damn dream
And then it just leaves

The words that come out of my mouth
Can be said as a shout
But when someone has died
You just fall down and cry
I look up to the sky
I try to see
From the different beings
To the far-fetched trees
Beyond to the open sea

I try to stand and think
But everyday is a challenge in itself
Calling for help
Nothing is sent back
Trying to reach God
It's like nothing I’ve ever tried before
Time’s a distant catch.

So the words that come out of my mouth
Can’t be noticed by the unknown
But by the catastrophic sound
Fall down
I call out
What the heck is goin on
I find it hard to breath
Trying to stop and catch my breath.

The author's comments:

Its basicly about a person thats looking for someone to understand them and not treat them the way they wouldn't want to be treated

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