The Tears of Acid

July 1, 2016
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Unrequited love seldom results in disasters;
It happened that once there was a boy,
Who was love sick for girl, perhaps-
With whom he wanted to share ever joy.

But the girl denied him the return of his love-
For loving her; he became annoyed,
Disturbed, disappointed, disgraced, devious-
And in a moment she became toyed.

As he threw the hot liquid on her face,
The burnt lips shaped some sick words.
“Was this the only truth of your love?
that pushed me in a realm beyond the reach of birds.”

“Perhaps, I was such a great fool-
To have not understood your ‘true’ emotions.
And if now, I accept my mistake,
Will you exhibit same passions?”

“Will you move your hands upon my face
Which is now blistered?
Will you look straight into my eyes
Melted, with all lashes burned?”

“Will you kiss my forehead-
Covered with boils that ooze pus?
Will you love me as dearly,
As you declared in your vows?”

“Perhaps you’ll do that for me,
For you had sincere sentiments.
But, I do wonder from where did-
This idea came in your conscience?”

“Did anyone tell or encourage you,
Or was it a plan of your own frame?
How do you feel after destroying me-
Happy, proud, manly or brave?”

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