Summer Breaks

July 12, 2016
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Summer Breaks

When summer breaks hearts,
Guns in carts,
Gangbanging friends start,
And then you find their parts

On street corners.
Someone call the coroner.
Moms come mourn them.
Its summer but the storm here.

Homes going missing that my heart use to sleep in
Told my girl to stay in the house on the weekend
She ignored me, and was out tweakin’,
At night, when that old man creepin’.

I Found her parts in a alley way.
When I walk I gotta look back today,
To see if i can change my past ways,
Hopefully them demons don't walk my path and spray.

You know their parts split up relationship.
She gives you up and then share her lips.
Just then is when your mind flips.
Should you let it go or set up a hit,

And put the parts up in the ocean.
Took that murder and I put it in a poem
Then I forget them, and act like i don't know em’,
Kuz if i do then Imma poke em’.

I'm too awoken to end up behind bars.
Where your friends split over stars.
That gang name represents who you are.
Where staying to yourself will get you far.

And not will get your head split into two.
You come home your own kids don't remember you.
My birthday in december, my homies died in june.
My daughter was born in may. I ask myself why did i shoot.

And split their family up into two places.
You should just face it,
Your zodiac has split races,
So all of your apologies, save it.

So now i take responsibility in what I did,
But look God, I got a kid,
If you have the power to forgive,
This summer can you stop the split.

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