Mama Always Loved the Garden

July 11, 2016
By Kaylin01 GOLD, Chicago, Illinois
Kaylin01 GOLD, Chicago, Illinois
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Mama always loved the garden,

till Baby got lost in it.

Searched the daisies, dug up the soil;

couldn't find Baby anywhere between the roses.

Pricked by thorns and douses in rain,

dew clung to Mama like fear of losing her baby.

Stormy days passed and still no sight of Baby sprouted.

Mama mourned and planted lilies,

withered and died without sunshine.

Baby left the garden for the funeral.

Mama would be back next spring.

So Baby sat by the lilies and waited till then

and while she waited, she sang.

The author's comments:

This s a sad poem about a little girl playing in the garden and getting lost, her mother looks for her but can't find her. The mother dies of grief, the little girl leaves the garden and waits by the flowers her mother planted expecting her to come back or bloom next spring. The little girl sings while she waits till spring for her mother.

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