She is an Animal and My Sister

February 4, 2009
By hollie clark BRONZE, Evansville, Wisconsin
hollie clark BRONZE, Evansville, Wisconsin
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I found her when I was a little girl.
She was about 3-6 months old.
She was small, cute, shy but strong.
She also had a wild and determined look in her eyes.
I could see it; they were a fiery brown,
Like flames against a dull fall day.
We can understand each other in every way.
Being Loved, Sadness, Angry or being afraid,
Or wanting to run away as fast as we can,
And as far as we can without stopping.
Together as the years went by, we grew older,
Still both having the same feelings for each other,
Like we had when we were younger.
We were like twins from the wild;
She was from the woods and I was from a big city.
Both having that wilderness earthy smell on our bodies.
Both living scarce lives, going through every obstacle we could dodge and live through without separating,
Or ever not seeing each other again.
I remember holding her in my arms, she was so soft, and silky.
I remember that her fur was the color of snow and a tinted grey with black. It reminded me of a dark night,
The milk way with white stars everywhere.
Until that day came, I knew that, that day was the last time I would ever see my sister the Siberian husky,
I knew what she wanted she told me with her face expression
And her eyes, her eyes had a sad scared look in them like she was sad to leave me and she was scared to stay because
Everything around her made her feel
Unwelcome when she wasn't in the woods like she didn't belong.

The author's comments:
I'm in foster care, and i love my life, but I wish somebody would read my poems and how much feeling I had for my dog

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