January 18, 2009
By virginia holmes, Linden, NJ

Have you ever found the one
who stole your heart,
The one you loved and to never part.
You thought things were going so well and nea,
it turns around and goes bad and incomplete.
You don't know the solution,
he doesn't know the problem
So what is the the answer to put it all behind them.
Love is caring,faith,patience,and trust
change,commitment or the love you have will turn to dust.
Love is also lies,dishonesty,guilt, and regrets
temptation,trouble, and a big fat test.
So use the word love carefully
so you wont get hurt cause your heart will break into pieces and be stomped into dirt.

The author's comments:
im 15 but i wrote this because love isnt a joke.its not somthing you play around with.i've been heart broken before and by people reading my poem maybe i can inspired young teens my age to use the word LOVE carefully.

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