Life of a cow

January 9, 2009
By Michael Burke, Mequon, WI

Im finally born!
The journey of living a wonderful life is here!
I look around to see other animals in captivity
Im puzzled
Humans penetrating my neck with a needle, injecting me with unknown fluids.
I realize my fate
I am just a product, nothing more
I try to walk, but my legs cant support my rapid growing body.
Day after day I watch other cows like me get taken away to the unknown void.
In the back of my mind I wonder. . . how can people have the feelings to such a cruel thing?
The horror I deal with everyday is unexplainable
My body to big for me to carry
My legs, wearing out faster than an a eraser on a pencil
I can only sit and wait before my fate calls me
Days go by, and death is that much closer
Friday came by, and my fate has chosen this day
Kicking and dragging, they haul me up by my two broken hind legs.
So overloaded with fear, I cant feel pain anymore,
They must think I have no feelings, a life, or a sense of emotion but they don't care
They are wrong!
The man with the beard raises a blood knife to cut my throat
I fidget around a little bit
But I can feel the life pouring away from me.

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