My Dream

February 12, 2009
By Shouldbethere GOLD, Wooster, Arkansas
Shouldbethere GOLD, Wooster, Arkansas
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Listening to the wolves howl.
Tasting fear in the air.
Follow them to the dead.
Slowly bleeding, blood is clotting.
Hungry, so hungry.
What is right?
The other comes.
Fast, calm, graceful.
Hating what I have become
He smells the blood, see's I'm covered in crimson
His long teeth extend, slowly, threateningly.
He smirks when he see's me recoil.
He grabs my hair an bares my throat.

'You are mine' he says to me. 'Never forget.' he spits at me.
He grazes my revealed skin with his canines.
As I shiver he pulls away.
His words echo in my mind.
I belong to only him.
His violet eyes flash in the full moon
He laughs in the silence.
The wolves begin to howl once more.

When will I be able to live again?
Death is surrounding me
Bodies piling up
So many innocents
Lost to my hunger
To his
We will all die

Rivers of blood
He grabs me again an holds my head under the rich river
'Drink,' he says, 'You are what you are.'
I cry, an my tears run red with the blood.
I am released an thrown to the side.

Tonight, it ends.

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