Shouting Out Silently

March 2, 2009
By Anonymous

I can hear her shouting
Screaming for help
Anything to stop her cutting
She really needs help
Why doesn't anyone answer her?
Does no one care?
This girl could accidently cut too deep
It just doesn't seem fair.
It's obvious that she's feeling alone
But no one runs to save her
She cries in the middle of the night
Someone needs to help her.
She needs someone to talk to.
Someone to tell her it's ok.
I'm starting to worry
About her health
She needs someone
To save her from herself.
I look around and everyone seems normal
Can no one hear this girl shouting?
I cover my ears but it doesn't make a difference
It's like she's there inside me.
It's only then that I realise who the girl is,
It's the little voice inside me, shouting out silently for help.

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