March 2, 2009
By Kayla Casebeer BRONZE, Waterville, Washington
Kayla Casebeer BRONZE, Waterville, Washington
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Loving and caring;

Forever sharing;

Her love;

With everyone.

She cared for everyone;

Her family and friends;

And children not her own;

Making her love shown.

She could make you laugh;

Those tears away;

Help you feel safe;

When you where scared.

She was a fighter;

And was brave;

She helped others;

And she is still your mother.

But when you cry;

Think of her;

Watching you;

Washing your tears from heaven.

And don't be sad;

She is happy and well;

As an angel;

With God and Jesus.

When you're sad;

Think of all the people;

Up in heaven;

She will love.

She would want you to love;

The life you live;

And everyone in it;

Like she did.

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