The Moon

March 2, 2009
By Jocelyn Roberts BRONZE, Lakebay, Washington
Jocelyn Roberts BRONZE, Lakebay, Washington
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You out shine me
Everyone see's you over me
I am but a shadow in everyone's mind compared to you
I see you being watched and followed
Talked about for all days
Saying how bright and warm you are
But I know the truth

I am hidden by your shadow
By the way you shine out to every one
No one knows me
They don't even know I existed
Because I am your shadow
Your dark follower

I long for someone
Someone to see me for who I am
To look past your brightness
Just to see mine
I want to love
and be loved
But who would stick around
To uncover my secrets
My mysteries

With hair as dark as the night sky
Eyes that are as blue as the sea
And skin white as snow
I am hidden
My eyes are deep
My touch as soft as a feather
My lips full and kissable
My body you're dying to touch

When you are a shadow
No one notices you
Sometimes its lonely
And depressing
Which is what I am sometimes
But being a shadow
I can view things
Without being seen

I know your secrets
Because you are an open book
But you'll never know my secrets
Because I am nothing
But the shadow
To the Sun

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