1% Knowledge, 99% Musical Intuition

February 26, 2009
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Music is the air in which
We breathe and take refuge
It travels through your heart
Shaping you into a god

A god who needs no worship, or sentimental praise
A god that lives on its own even on the darkest of days
A god that will never lie, steal, or betray
A god that only needs a mic and a place to play

Music is the dignified force
That lulls you to sleep
It takes over your mind
Shaping you into a voice

One voice
One word
One sound
One chance

Music revolves in the very atmosphere
Transforming the wind into sweet sounding tunes

Most of Us are Simply Incapable of Comprehending
That music is what we live, breath, and sleep

Many people find comfort
In religious teachings such as, 'spare the rod'
I, on the other hand
Believe that music is a god

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