Brick by Brick

February 26, 2009
By kelsey broderson BRONZE, Newell, South Dakota
kelsey broderson BRONZE, Newell, South Dakota
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Brick by brick I build a house for you,
A loving house,
Such a beautiful house it will be!
A house with a hand crafted room,
Only for I would craft something so beautiful,
It shall be for you and me!
One-thousand bricks,
Made by me,
Molded by me,
Fired by me!
Fired with the thought of you,
With the love of you,
Each stone represent the happiness we shared,
Memoires of the good times we had together!
The eight miles we walked - just for fun,
The movies we watched!
The movie you gave me,
The games we played!
This house is for you and I,
With one room,
A big room,
For you and I,
It shall be deep in the woods,
Deep in the ground,
Made of brick,
Behind the oak tree swing,
You used to swing me by,
Behind the names you carved,
No one will ever find you and I,
And we shall live here forever!
Deep in here,
In the ground,
Arm and arm,
Forever more!

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