I'm Not Normal

February 26, 2009

I don't just try to get by in school,
I set my standards high'
So, am I nerdy?

Scary movies freak me out,
While others think they're cool'
So, am I a coward?

My clothes are labeled with my own taste,
instead of an Abercrombie moose'
So, I don't have style?

I only rode a roller-coaster once,
when others have rode millions'
So, am I a weirdo?

I spend some of my free time watching fashion shows,
Instead of sneaking out of the house'
So, am I a loser?

I sit through the day,
Dreaming of my future'
So, am I not 'normal'?

I want to graduate Business School,
One of the best in class'
Who cares if I'm nerdy?

I want to see a scary movie,
knowing it will give me nightmares for weeks'
Who cares if I'm a coward?

I want Marc Jacobs to invite me to Paris,
to show my new spring collection'
Who cares if you don't like it?

I want to get on a roller-coaster,
and go crazy when I survive it'
Who care if I'm a weirdo?

I want to leave early from the party,
knowing I have an interview on with Tyra tomorrow'
Who cares if I'm a loser?

I want to sit there,
knowing my dream has become a reality'
I won't care if I'm 'normal'.

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