I am yours

February 26, 2009
By amanda morales BRONZE, Kissimmee, Florida
amanda morales BRONZE, Kissimmee, Florida
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you walk away
acting as if this never happened
can't you tell this is wrong?
or is it only me to see this?

you say that you don't love me, that you dont care
and yet we have a connection
or at least had a connection
but i must not think of this
because you surly do still love me

i sit here waitng for me to wake up.
this must be a bad dream,
nothing like this could ever happen
not with the relationship we share together

sitting here, i relize my eyes are burning
but i see no light,
how could this be?
i close my eyes to stop the pain
from then i knew i was crying

but why? how?
why am i crying? you are coming back
how could i let you slip away from my grasp?
you said forever and yet you leave?

after all the promises we made together.
saying nothing was gonna hurt us,
you said you loved me,
or was that also part of the act?
it was all a lie

you always acted sencire.
like you meant it
and your eyes, your golden eyes
always told me you didnt want me to get hurt.
and you were always there for me.

but in my time of need,
you are no where to be seen
you say this is better for us, for me
this thought would have never crossed my mind

alot of things wouldnt have crossed my mind,
in a time span of a few months,
you changed everything.

before, i thought my life had no purpose
now, i know you are my purpose
before, i lived day to day thinking this was life,
and this is all it would ever be
now, i wake up only to see your face

now you are gone.
am i going to turn back to my old self?
i don't want to, but how can you control it?
i didnt control it before.
i wanna stay like this.
with you.

after months of being sorry for losing you,
thinking i did something wrong for you to hate me
now i know the truth.
you never hated me, you always loved me
with a burning passion.

you left for my protection.
leaving your emotions with me.
starting a new life.
you love me as much as i love you.
you say more, but i highly doubt that.

i love you.
i always did and i always will.
even after you left.
nothing will ever break the love i have with you.
you are my life
as i am yours.

The author's comments:
My inspiration for this poem was from one of the Twilight series, New Moon. I hope that you enjoyed because i only wrote it for you guys!

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