February 26, 2009
By vindictivejd BRONZE, Lancaster, Wisconsin
vindictivejd BRONZE, Lancaster, Wisconsin
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Do you know how it feels to get your heart ripped out of your chest,
and watch helplessly as it's devoured by a mere stranger?

I woke up out of breath on the floor,
My once delicate hands covered in blood, nothing but Glimpses of the night before.
The curdling screams as I heard my family being torn apart by a monster I
thought was only in my nightmares.
I always knew he was there, lurking in the shadows, a blurred figure in the corner of my eye.
There are little words to explain the pure terror when you realize your
fears have manifested themselves into your once perfect life.
Every night I dreamt of him, hoping he would stay trapped in my nightmares...
I've always wondered if it's true that when die in your dreams,
You go to hell.
I wish I could wake up and it would all be the same, but life is never as
simple as it seems.
The dark feeling you get as you pass an empty room, or the panic that arises
when you realize you aren't alone.
Yet when you turn on the light, there's nothing but a cool breeze, and memories of someone's worst nightmares in the shadows.
Sometimes I wonder if they fight back, or just let their lives end to get rid of the pain.
Very few tell of their loved ones stories, afraid that if they speak his name;
Their lives would end the same.

The author's comments:
There are some talents that people say are "god given", you can do it with no struggle, without thinking and stressing about the right answers. For me, its writing. I can describe every feeling in writing that I cant outloud. Its my way of speaking to the world.

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