February 26, 2009
By Alex Thompson BRONZE, Huntsville, Arkansas
Alex Thompson BRONZE, Huntsville, Arkansas
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He loves me, He loves me, he really loves me.
That's what's running through my head when he asks me
The simplist four words I've ever heard.
'Will you marry me'
He's down on one knee, the most gorgeous ring I've ever seen
It's got three colors of gold, and a diamond dead center.
There are roses that are etched in th egold.
My heart is beating against my chest
I can't breath, or think
A single tear trickles down my face as I reply a single word softly.
'Yes' That's all I can whisper out.
I throw my arms around his neck
I laugh, I cry, I shout for joy
I just can't help but feel like I love this boy, this man.

He loves me, he loves me, he really loves me.
He wants me, he wants me, he really wants me.
That's what's running through my head as he says
'for better or for worse till death do us part, I Do'
Theese are the most beautiful vows that I have ever heard.
Then it's my turn
The preacher looks at me and says,
'Alexandria Thompson' do you take this man in health, and in sickness, in despare, and fortune, until death do you part?'
I repeat each line after he says it then comes my part, my time to say I do.
My heart is beating, the room is spinning, and I can't breath
All I can get out now is
'I do'
He Lifts my veil as the preacher looks at him then at me
I felt like I could not breath before, and that my heart was pounding
Those were nothing compared to now
The preacher says something from some direction I can't tell
It sounds like,
'You can kiss the bride'
The only person I can see is him.
A single tear falls from my eye as I look into his eyes, and he tells me
'I love only you until the end of time.'
Then he kisses me
The kiss that could end every single thing
The kiss people call true loves first kiss.

He doesn't love me, He doesn't love me, He really doesn't love me
He doesn't want me, He doesn't want me, He really doesn't want me
He Loves Her, He Wants Her, All Those Things That I Can't Be Anymore
That's what's running through my head now
I can't believe it, he's saying he can't stand me
I'm on my knees begging, sobbing, fighting
The depression has already kicked in
I can't breathe, I can barely move
All I can choke out is
'Please don't go'
As he says 'good-bye'
Tears stream down my face in sorrow
This is the worst day of my life.

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