Invisible Rain

February 26, 2009
By Andrew Rossmann BRONZE, Rosemount, Minnesota
Andrew Rossmann BRONZE, Rosemount, Minnesota
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Did you know, that I saw you today?
Did you see me in the pouring rain?
Standing outside, did you recognize me,
Or did you keep on walking, by me?

I'm a different person than I was back then,
Back in the days when you were my friend.
We used to go to the movies real late at night,
Never once got into a fight.

Then problems came up, and I got depressed,
My whole life turned into a mess.
The kind bad when things just can't get worse,
Until your friend's in the back of a herse.

Then afterwards, you just don't give a shit,
About your life, or the people in it.
Alienate your friends until they turn away,
Until they don't care what you have to say.

But you stayed, and I still don't quite know why,
The more I wish I'd died, you'd stand by my side.
So I opened up, about what was going on,
And talked with you, about my dad and mom.

Talked about how they threw me in Special Ed,
About how they thought I was empty in the head.
The problem was, they were far too wrong,
I couldn't STOP thinking due to what went on.

If there's a single reason why I did so bad,
It was because of that life I had.
Didn't know I had brother until I was twelve,
Found out later that he'd go through hell.

That's when I'd stop talking again,
I was surprised you were still my friend.
Then High School came and we grew apart,
That's when I found peace through what's known as art.

As I was drawing I'd forget about my life,
No longer feeling stabbed by a rusty knife.
Even though my problems tore at my insides,
Was like watching the Earth as it divides.

Until I was an empty shell,
That's when life went back to hell.
Held problems in so long that I hollowed out,
Until I couldn't and longer and acted out.

In school I'd cry, wishing I could die,
While back at home I'd go with sleepless nights.
And then something happened which I greatly feared,
You, my friend, dissappeared.

In a way, I was happy that you left right then,
Because back then I'd rather lose a friend,
Than bring them down with me as my life just crashed,
Burned into the ground again, the world smashed.

But I have a secret for you, please keep it only between us.
Who would've thought that sad child, was really a Phoenix?
And out of the ashes I grew anew,
Learned to spread my wings and off I flew.

I conquered my fears,
The ones I fought for years.
Happy for the first time in ages,
I could honestly write pages.

Ten years ago, that was me,
Here I am now, and my soul is free.

Up until today,
When I saw you in the rain.
Didn't think it would cause this pain,
But it did.

Then I realized, that the man in the rain,
Had unintentionally caused much pain.
Shut out his friends, so they wouldn't worry,
Now the old man's sight is getting blurry.

His eyes water, but it isn't due to the sky,
The only reason is because that guy,
Tried to save his friends by shutting them out,
Leaving him with none to talk about.

The author's comments:
Inspired by true events.

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