How Could You?

February 26, 2009
By csiraven09 BRONZE, Centerville, Iowa
csiraven09 BRONZE, Centerville, Iowa
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How could you force him to leave me?
How could you?

You say I'm the one who destroyed your life;
It's not my fault Kim broke up with you.

Sure, I used to think I loved you,
But that was a child's thoughtless dream.

Why do you rant and rave at me?
Why do you hate me so completely for your own treachery?

You decided to turn my life upside down,
By forcing the one I love to break up with me.

Yes, things were on the rocks between my boyfriend and I,
However it didn't change our feelings for one another.

Can you take everything back that you've done?
Can you please, just this once?

Although it's your fault, I will take the fall if I am forgiven,
Because if you do nothing, you will have killed me far more effectively than any gun.

Indeed, this is tough for me to beg and plead-
Whatever it takes for this whole mess to end

Will you also forgive him too?
Will you do what's best for you and us?

You must do this, even though it's not like you;
This would mean the world to him and me if you do.

True, I know that you have a knack for revenge,
But my boyfriend's your best friend, and we used to be close.

Can you please just stay away from me?
Can you run and not stop until you're far away from here?

You have hurt me far too much,
But I have one question for you.

Yeah, I'm cringing now while you laugh in joy,
And so here we stand and as my last adieu,

How could you force him to leave me?
How could you?

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