To My Class

February 26, 2009
By Tesa Hinton GOLD, Mystic, Iowa
Tesa Hinton GOLD, Mystic, Iowa
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As time goes by
We wonder why,
Why do these things happen to our class,
Our class of such mass?
Starting high school was hard enough,
Why must high school be so tough?
It's our senior year and
Our numbers are still dropping
Many classmates are stopping.
One to death,
And some to drugs other then meth.
Vanesa we miss you greatly,
More and more lately.
You should be here for the school year,
For that we all shed a tear.
For homecoming, prom, and graduation,
You should be here; this is our generation.
Our class is bright
But we all seem to fight.
To drugs, some of our class is addicted
And some of it has been predicted.
Friends won't stay friends
And ends won't make amends.
After graduation
We will all create our own foundation.
So to our class of 2009,
I hope each one of you shine,
Don't dwell on the past
And make the future last.
It's our senior year
It's time to start our life long career.

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