the age of eternal darkness

February 26, 2009
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The Age of Eternal Darkness
Atticus Enoch Rex

This is the world of Tzu Rey,
The innocent citizens,
Punished for nothing.
all taken away.

The sun never comes,
As it is never expected,
It has not been expected for years.

No one knows what happened,
It was all too sudden,
As if someone put a blanket over the sun,
And darkness enveloped their world.

You may not think I am telling the truth,
But just ask the citizens of Tzu Rey,
Their poor world crumbling.
They will tell you that this is the utter truth.

Each day it gets colder,
Every night at least three people die,
With their bodies not evolving to the harsh conditions.
One night,
As the people of Tzu Rey were sleeping,
This was usually all the time,
There was a sharp energy,
Raging through the world.

Every one woke,
But only for the time of one blink,
Then they felt a feeling that they are not a custom to,

At first it felt relieving,
Heavenly in fact,
But then the soft warmth became a terrible burn,
Yet it was only 70 degrees.

No one could scream,
No one could speak,
There was nothing to break this calm.
There was a smell in the air,
As if you were burning the meat of a rotting animal,
And there were pitch black specks in the air,
Lightly fluttering like confetti.

Still there was no noise,
The people just letting the sun devour them,
The world of Tzu Rey just wasn't meant to be.

Even now no one knows,
What caused the fate of Tzu Rey,
People have said that it's an act of god,
Just to make them feel better,
But truly,
It was an act of nature'.

I put my pen down,
Scratched my head,
I have writers block.

What I have now will have to do.

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