Don't You Just Hate

February 26, 2009
By Anonymous

...when people call dance cheerleading?
...when teachers give you lots of homework?
...when your pencil brakes in the middle of a test?
...when people call you "blonde"?
...when you have something like a back handspring and you loose it?
...when you get a routine and you foget it so you cant practice it?
...when you ask someone where something is and it is in your hand?
...when your favorite TV show is a rerun?
...When your wacthing a Tv show like the Bachelor and your favorite person gets kicked off?
... when your best friend is mad at you for no reason?
And don't you especially hate when guys think everything you say is ith an attitude?
...when you cant get a song out of your head so you sing it all day long?
...when your teacher lets other people do something and you cant do something like that but more important?
...when your mom yells at you for something you brother did?
Dont you just hate?

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