Streamer and Me

February 26, 2009
By Evan Villafranca BRONZE, New Hope, Pennsylvania
Evan Villafranca BRONZE, New Hope, Pennsylvania
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I run to the top
Of the hill. He
Darts after me
As if he were in
A track race. I
Run the other way
I try to outrun him. He
Chases me down the hill
He catches up to me. I
Yelp in fright
As he gets closer and closer
To me. He
Runs into my legs
Wraps his paw
Around my ankle. I
Fall to the ground with a big
Holds his toy in his
Slobery mouth. I
Grab for the toy
His mouth on one side
And my hands on the other. He
Shakes his head ferociously
He wants me to let go. I
Play tug of war
With him
But I know,
He will win. He
Tugs harder. I
Let go. He
Runs up the hill
With his toy,
To defend it,
From me.

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