Fenway Park

February 26, 2009
By Dan Plassa BRONZE, Newtown, Pennsylvania
Dan Plassa BRONZE, Newtown, Pennsylvania
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I dash through the big green doors leading
To the field
I bolt past my family and rush out
On to the stands
I smell the newly cut grass
The grass is heavenly
The amazing smell Gatorade from
The Red Sox last game
I see the hot dog stands
With all the delicious hot dog buns
Placed on the side
And all of the wooden, green seats
Except for one
Dark red seat
I see the lofty green Monster ahead of me
That is where I want to be
Up on top of the green monster
My parents won't take me but
I know we will get up there somehow
I start to walk around the
Fenway park ground
Searching for anything left from the Red sox last game
I want to jump on the field
Feel the grass between
My hands and feet
Shout with joy
But I know I can't
I rush up to the front row
Behind the dugout
I scout out the dugout
For any players
I doubt that there are any in there
But I check anyway
Stare and smell the infield
I get lost and almost fall over
On to the field
My mom calls and says we have to go
But I can't
I can't leave
I want to stay here for the rest of my life
But I know I have to go
I start to walk up the stairs
Very slowly
Looking back at the field
One last time
Before I go
I moan and groin
As much as I can
But my mom won't buy it
So after 10 minutes
She finally convinces me to go
Next time I hope we can stay longer

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