The popular girl

February 26, 2009
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The Popular Girl
Everyone thinks she has no weaknesses,
That everything she does is perfect.
When she steps into the room it lights up
And when she walks out,
The light goes away quicker than you could spell 'I'
Did you ever think she's just like you?
She likes to roll down hills too?
Did you ever wonder what she does when she gets home?
Does she get yelled at or beaten??
Who her parents are?
Are they rich, are they mean??
How her home life is?
Does she work hard? Is she tortured?
Did you ever think that she doesn't get everything she wants?
Did you ever wonder how un-perfect her life is?
But she doesn't show it.
She only knows.
She only knows how bad her life is
She only knows how bad your life is
You wonder how a girl so
Pretty, popular and glamorous,
Could have such a suck-ish life.

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