what do you do

February 25, 2009
By MODEL09 BRONZE, Athens, Georgia
MODEL09 BRONZE, Athens, Georgia
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What do u do, when u love me so much you'd give the whole world a survive wit my touch. what do u do, when u have gave me your all but some how, some way, it all starts to fall what do u do, when you never want to listen and u can't help but feel that something is missing? What do u do, when u don't want it to end and u know that u can never be only a friend, when u wait for a change that doesn't seem to come. When u long for the day you and your lover become one! What do you do, when you're all out of solutions when breaking up seems to be the only resolution you can't believe that it's true, the relationships through you're fighting for you but your not fighting for me. What is there to do, but try to move on, find another love and let this one be gone. What do u do, when you fight every day, when rage out does love, when the love fades away? What do u do, when you know that it's over, when the drugs are all gone, you can't stand to be sober! What do you do, when you're walking away and you're not looking back, do you go on wit your day? What do you do, when your heart says to leave and your brain says its over and u don't want to believe? What do you do, you work for your heart, you push out the anger, don't let it pull you apart! What do you do, you make me believe your heart and that it doesn't want to leave. What do you do, you make sure that I stay with you, but you are above all and u never start a day without confessing your love to your pride and your joy! You always keep smiling and fights you avoid! So what do you do when u feel love is gone, you let your baby know u don't want to move on. What do you do, you tell your love and joy that if your willing to work, then of course you'll hold on, that's what u do when u really love a boy you do anything u can to keep your man in your world but never let him play you! Don't be blinded by your beauty but ask him if he loves you and if he's speaking truly you'll know that it's him that your meant to spend your life with!

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